We Bought a Powerboat!

Friends, do not worry- we still have Serenity and have been awaiting (for many months) for Parr Marine to update our 20K boat lift to accommodate her… Like all things in Port Charlotte, they don’t bother to call/text/e-mail and will cancel on you last minute, but we remain hopeful that eventually the job will get done. In the words of a man I once worked for, “They are not good, but they are slow!” Indeed- Serenity has developed a lovely slimy bottom since we have been waiting for 6 months for someone to modify the lift… FML and SMH… Anyhoo, since we are depth restricted during the winter (something that we were spoiled with not ever having to deal with at St. Pete Municipal Marina), Brian has been itching to get a little power boat. After many drive-byes and test drives of many boats, he found a Trophy Pro 2103C in Tampa off of Craigslist, and once the owner and we determined neither was a Nigerian prince, came to a very fair deal. The boat needed some cosmetic work (like cleaning) and once we got the title, had to make the choice- do we tow it with the Nissan (the trailer is crap) or bring it by water via the ICW (AND, we did NOT do a sea trial on this boat…) On a weird Friday night, we decided to throw caution to the wind, and tow it with the Nissan (after changing out the ball hitch, and pin… Don’t ask…) The Nissan, while it struggled on the hills, performed beautifully. Being that I did not realize we would be towing the boat down, did not bother to fill the gas tank, which was at a little over half full. FML, the gas light went off 5 miles from our exit (NOTE: I have never run out of fuel in my life. But this was not the time to tell Brian. So I panicked internally!) Once we hit our exit, we were able to refuel and drive our “barge” the remaining 5 miles to the house. The next day, we stopped at the gas station to fill her with rec fuel (FML- next powerboat I buy, I will make them not only deliver the boat, but have a full tank of fuel!) and launched her (still nameless boat) from the local boat. A powerboat is TOTALLY different steering wise, but it is bad-ass to be able to get from point A to B quickly. The previous owners of our house had a similarly-sized power boat, so we did not need to adjust the bunks, either, which was pretty awesome! While it could never replace a sailboat (I love my Serenity), it is still pretty awesome and a great boat for exploring the more shallow local areas.

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