We have, sadly, neglected this blog for the past few months as life has gotten in the way. Things have been quite busy, fellow sailors! We’ve had three major life events occur:

First, and foremost, on a lazy Friday evening, Brian, being well in his cups, was perusing our local dog shelter website. “Look! A tiny Atlas! Who needs to be rescued!” Little did he know this would come back to haunt him, as indeed, I deemed we needed to save this little insane being… While she does indeed have similar markings to Atlas, that is where similarities end. She is definitely a chihuahua, and came from a hoarding situation where 107 dogs were confiscated. I felt, like many projects in my life, “We need to save her!” Brian insisted this was a bad idea, and it was, as she was pretty much feral from day 1. Needless to say, Atlas was less than pleased, but warmed up to her at the 6-week mark. (The vet stated that had she stayed in the shelter another week, she would not have survived. Unfortunately, Luna, as we have named her, has zero gratitude. Every day is a battle of teaching her manners and that it is NOT okay to pee on the furniture, eat poop, and kill things.)

Second, while we had pretty much given up building on our sailboat -access lot (prices, by greedy contractors, had increased $60K in a 5 month period), we found a house by accident, which met the 80% requirement parabola. Submitted offer, offer was accepted, and had to wait while sellers’ new house was ready. No worries- Serenity is still nestled in her St. Pete slip until we get ready to move her the 100 miles south. We are in hurricane season, people- hence, the fact this may be deemed an “easy day sail” by some gets a little complicated when you add two dogs and daily rogue thunderstorms- 54′ aluminum mast is no bueno. Hell, had it just been the two of us on Wu, we would have done it. Multiple fur children (especially a crazy one) and a taller mast adds a whole new level.

Last, but not least- I finally retired from the USAF! Hooray! This is a major life-changing event as I prep one house for sale, work on the other one, and make a huge transition into Life 2.0. Brian is still working as a contractor (someone has to pay the bills!), but it is a pretty big change!

Fair winds, happy sailing, and I will post some Serenity stuff soon!