The Boat, a Hunter 335

Long time no update… We’ve moved back from our three year Tokyo,  Japan adventure… A  LONG three plus years of no sailing real sailing and landed back inFlorida sometime in the  late summer of 2013 and are hard at work refitting our new adopted boat “Serenity”, formerly “Missy K II”, a Hunter 335…  We found her a mess in October 2013 and an in DIY fashion are sinking sweat equity and a chunk of savings into refitting her….. We found our old boat, a US30 in ruins after three years in storage and a lots of water damage…  We basically gave her away (the new owner and the Wu make their way to Haiti) and we took the financial loss, not to be discouraged and started all over again…
We repositioned her 1 November 2013 to St. Petersburg, FL and put her on the hard hard at Salt Creek Marina for much needed work.
 00D0D_kEWglP6UHF9_600x450 (28 of 30)
She was relaunched as “Serenity” on 5 December 2014 and in now berthed near downtown St. Pete FL.