A Two Day Project. Installing A New Autopilot And Wind Meter

Edson disassembled 1
Taking it all apart to run the autopilot wiring.

This was a much bigger project than first anticipated.  First was to cut out the faceplate of the new NavPod to match the two Raymond head displays.  Next was to mount the NavPod and drill a hole in the Edson to run the wires through it.  I had to take the entire thing apart to route the wires down into the lazarette to mount the EV autopilot control unit and gyro.  Next was to hook up power and test before everything went back together.  At this point it was getting dark and the boat neighbor offered up a cold frosty Corona.  Well, no more work getting done that night.  Finished up the next morning and everything worked great.  We did have to go back and use some 5200 where the wheel motor brace mounts to the Edson.  The two little screws didn’t bite very well and it didn’t hold up to the first sea trial without coming loose.  Job done!  Well, except for the failed Raymarine Dragonfly software update.  Had to re-download it and use a different SD card for it to take.

Raymarine Dragonfly
Putting it all back together, fingers crossed.




Raymarine Dragonfly failed update.. errrr!
Raymarine Dragonfly failed update.. errrr!