Replacing US 30 Port Windows

Replacing US 30 Port WindowsThe two opening ports- one above the map table in the V-berth and the one in the head were pretty much on their last legs. So I measured them, thinking this will be easy, since ports are pretty much standard sizes. Right? Wrong. I couldn’t find any to fit. So tonight, as I remeasured AGAIN, Brian asked, “Are the sizes somewhere on the port?” Nope, but there was a manufacturer name! Beckson. I Googled them and found their site.

The exact ports I was looking for happened to be there- and on sale for $40 each- what excellent luck! After tax, shipping, and a tube of silicone caulk, the total was $104. Way cheaper than anyplace else,

and actual direct replacements for what we already have (this means no having to cut new holes!)

Here is the site: