Getting the Dog to Go!

Many sailors have and love their 4-legged furry friends. They are our Skippers, Captains, and first mates. Our boat children. Atlas is our tiny rescue Jack Russell Chihuahua. We have tried everything in our rite to make Atlas, “Go potty on the boat. Go potty now!” We have resorted from everything to lugging a piece of sod around in a container, spraying potty pads with “Puppy Go Potty” spray, to me looking like a demented person with a piece of carpet rubbing it after all dogs who pee (the things we do for our fur children.) Atlas, “It smell amazing, but no, mama, I no pee on my boat…” Atlas is an odd duck. He has no issues lifting his leg to a display at Petsmart, a pallet at Lowe’, or a child’s sand castle on an island. But Poseidon be damned if Atlas will urinate on his boat. We took him to the cockpit of disgusting carpet on an hourly basis- his tiny bladder was screaming, but no, “I cannot pee here.” I tried to be firm, “No, we are not rowing your tiny ass to shore!” And little joker held it. He was mad, I was mad- it became a battle until B-Mann gave in to row him ashore 12 hours later. Once we arrived to the beach, I swear that little joker peed for at least three minutes minimum. “Oh yeah, Atlas had to go…” And we are back at square one. Seriously, if anyone has a trick to making their dog go aboard the boat, I am all ears!