Living the Dream!

3 years ago, in the “Boatyard of Broken Dreams”, we met another couple who were refitting their 1985 Norseman 447 CC sailboat next to us. Their boat was in far worse shape than ours, and B-Mann and I would simply shake our heads, “Why?” and wonder if they would ever make it out of there alive. He- a gruff retired SMSgt; she- a mechanical engineer. They were grinding away at a terrible transom extension, and had so many other issues to contend with. But, despite the amount of sandpaper and tape they used, their area surrounding their boat was always immaculate. I would always feel bad about anything around our boat being untidy, as even their refit was surgical. Last year, they popped up in our marina- and we could not even find the boat initially, as it was completely unrecognizable- it looked amazing! (They are very meticulous, and were still working on it while it was now floating.) Every weekend, we’d pass them as we were going out and coming back in from a sail. Xiongwei promised me she’d text me when they did their “shakedown cruise” so we could take pictures. Well, last week I received a text with a video clip, “Dafuq? Dammit! They “shookdown” without telling me!” I texted Xiongwei back, and she replied, “We sailed to Marathon!” Seriously, I could see a shakedown cruise in the bay, but to sail to Key West right away? Anyhoo, they returned today- me, “Where’s the boat?” Alan, “Well, she’s moored in Marathon. We just decided to pull chocks once we got down there, and came back here to sort out loose ends. We’re heading to Cuba in February, and will decide from there.” I was floored, but so proud of them! We will be losing Chris and Stan on the SE of Disorder in May, and Cary and Maureen of the C-Lover in the Fall as they go about their sailing adventures, so if anything, it is kick in the pants when your yachting family is leaving the nest, and makes one re-evaluate whether you should just say “Screw it!”, sell the house, put everything in storage and follow the sea. If our boat neighbor, Gordon, decides that 2017 is the year to leave the dock to cruise full-time too, I am definitely going to consider following suit. Fair winds and traveling seas! Happy New Year!