Cruising Around St. Pete in a Hobie Outfitter Mirage Tandem Kayak

DCIM101GOPROI’ve had a love/hate relationship with this beast since I’ve owned it. We bought it at the Tackle Shack in St. Pete in 2008-ish for an obscene amount of money. Why? Well, I wanted a kayak. And this was after the never-ending “dinghy-gate”- the search for the perfect dinghy for Wu-Wei. (Some will remember we’ve owned a fleet of dinks at one point. Most were disasters. And while Serenity came with a legit one, it required inflating, and this beast was already in my garage.) Cons: It is heavy, and approximately13′ long. Pros: It is a tandem kayak, built-in drink holders, drag being a sailboat is minimal and has the sweet pedal drives. When you have T-Rex arms like I do, you do not want to be wasting your time paddling with your arms. It got a lot of bit beat-up while in long-term storage when we were in Japan (we did not realize it until we went to finally use it. This required some G-Flex repairs.) Anyhoo, the beast is long, and Brian’s truck bed is not- he bought a kayak holder thingie that hooks up to the truck hitch. Sweet! It worked great! We lugged it out to the boat, and discovered the Sail Drive pedal thingie straps were dry-rotted- DAFUQDCIM101GOPRO? Okay, we will take her for a T-Rex-hating oar trip. Yeah, cool, but no- my gun show was like, “No bueno. Get the stupid parts tomorrow. We are not fans of having to use us.” The replacement straps are $12 a pop at Tackle Shack- which is not bad. I also got a spare set, and a few odds and ends. Unfortunately, where the sail goes into the kayak had also cracked, and this proved to be a PITA when we had a good sail going on it. (Seriously, how many kayaks have an optional sail kit?)  No matter- I can eventually fix this- ditched the sail on the boat, and went out. We peddled out and everywhere people stopped to wave from their boats. Apparently, there are not many of us who pay for this option of T-Rex arms-free awesomeness. We passed other kayakers, who seemed quite jealous at our foot propulsion. “Suckers! You with real arms! Have fun using them!” Seriously, this thing is fast, and easy to maneuver. After arriving back at dock at sunset, and rinsing out the sail drives with fresh water, I remarked, “Damn, this thing IS a beast. An expensive beast. But I love it!”