Another Great Sail and 2014 Pack NFC North Champs!

Cap’n Chris at the helm

This morning did not start off without a hitch, as none ever do.  Brian was not feeling 100% and was running a low grade fever.  So, I decided it would not be a good idea to overnight on the boat, and gave him a “bye” for sailing today.  Plus, I do not like fog, and there was more projected fog for after sunset.  Brian will never turn down an opportunity to sail!  The local media stated, “Winds 5 knots, seas calm.”  I have learned weather varies dramatically based on tv channels.  We headed to St. Pete in the convertible- with a high of 80 in the local area, this is absolutely perfect for cruising.  It is odd to think that 2 years ago, instead of the BMW Z4, we were cruising up a mountain in Japan in the dead of winter in a Mazda Eunos with the top down (which is the Miata in the States), and having snow start to fall upon us.

New years day mountain drive W. of Tokyo, Japan
2013 throw back:  New years day mountain drive W. of Tokyo, Japan

Anyhow, as we establish our boat routines, launching was a breeze.  The only concern, “Um, how do we only have a half tank of gas?”  “Um, I did not think we motored THAT much…”  Well, either the motor really gets terrible mileage, someone is siphoning our gas (the diesel is old) or our fuel gauge is off…  We motored out and launched the main.  Winds were about 10 knots.  Seeing as our main sail is ginormous, I figured we should reef it.  Brian was thinking the same thing. Only, I had never reefed a sail before.  Yes, I have only owned small boats before- their sails were small, and 10 knots was to be cherished.  Serenity has a monster sail!  Brian immediately came to the rescue and we discovered we were missing some hardware that is in the garage.  No matter- it worked.  We were hitting speeds of 5 knots- hooray! with just the main.  Finally, Brian let out a little genoa.  We stayed at the same speed.  A great day sailing in the bay.  We have also discovered our high-tech stereo is an energy hog.  Brian switched to the TV in the settee (which one can see perfectly from the cockpit), so I sailed and watched football.  While it was the Saints versus the Buccs, I was cheering for my Tampa losers, who indeed, despite an impressive lead, ended up losing.  But, clad in Packers gear, all I really cared about was watching my team’s kick-off.  (Go Pack GO!)  The trip back to the marina was pretty uneventful, other than the fact, as usual, I could stay all year out sailing and always hate having to go back into port.  I swear it gets easier each time we back the boat in with tying and tidying up.  It was the first day both Brian and I exclaimed, “Wow!  There were no pressing projects we had to do before going out!”  And on a funny note, as we were cruising home in the Bimmer, I looked at Brian and commented, “Dude.  There’s like a middle-aged Harley Davidson motorcycle gang next to us.  I mean, seriously Mom-Pants and everything.”  I have never seen a Mom-Pants Biker gang before- I felt the need to eat all of my broccoli next to these women.  Yes, they do apparently exist- Sons of Anarchy have nothing on this gang.